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What’s it like to Live in Charlotte?

Charlotte, North Carolina is perfectly located in the middle of everything. Charlotte homes and rentals are perfect for individuals looking for a beautiful place in North Carolina. Living in Charlotte gives you all the advantages of living in the city, while at the same time being close to nature.

Surrounding Charlotte, NC is mother nature for all types of people. On one side, there are mountains for hiking or biking. The other side is home to beautiful, sandy beaches.

Why Do People Move Here?

An average of 70 people a day are moving to Charlotte. Why? Compared to the top 40 metro cities across the United States, Charlotte, NC has one of the lowest costs of living on average. Charlotte has lower prices because of the mild temperature changes throughout the year, meaning less heating and cooling costs. Property tax rates are also the 12th lowest in the country.

Charlotte is also the 3rd fastest growing city right now in the United States. One of the reasons why is the city’s strong financial employers, like Wells Fargo and Bank of America. With a strong financial employer presence, there are multiple job opportunities. The annual salary average in Charlotte is approximately $58,449 and the unemployment rate is much lower than the national average.

The city of Charlotte also provides a wide range of entertainment. For example, Charlotte has some notable professional sports teams (Charlotte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers). The city provides multiple festivals to attend throughout the year.

We provide multiple gorgeous parks to explore. A great nightlife scene and countless delicious restaurants. Here in Charlotte, there is something for everyone.

Charlotte Homes and Rentals

Looking for Charlotte homes and rentals? Whether you are looking for a vacation home or a place to call home, Shearer Realty has a wide range of Charlotte homes and rentals. Home rental should not be overlooked as an option for finding a home.

Several people are beginning the process of renting from us because of the excellent condition our properties are in. The professionalism of our property managers is a contributing factor as well. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today to view our Charlotte homes and rentals.