Property Management Fees in North Carolina

  • Properties between $1,000-$1,999/month
  • 10%
  • Properties between $2,000-2,999/month
  • 8%
  • Properties between $3,000-$3,999
  • 6%

*Call for pricing details on 3 or more new properties!

Included Services

We will place a professional sign at the property if allowed along with a directional if allowed.

We utilize a self-showing service to minimize scheduling delays resulting in applicants viewing the home, applying for the home and renting the home faster.

We do background checks on Rental History, Criminal History and Credit.

We will not rent to convicted felons.

We won’t deny an applicant based on marginal credit, but may ask for a larger security deposit if they are considered a risk (most applicants have some bad credit).

We will verify employment & wages and contact their current Landlord for a report.

We use the lease approved by the North Carolina Association of Realtors.

We will collect the rent and send late letters with demand for payment on the 6th of each month to tenants that have failed to pay their rent. If the rent is not paid within 10 days from the date of the demand for rent, we will file the Summary Ejectment and appear in court. If necessary, we will file a Writ of Possession with the County Sheriff.We will respond to any requests the tenant has and use our best efforts to place and keep good tenants.

Tenants will call our office and we will respond quickly. We will coordinate necessary repairs, utilizing qualified vendors. If the repair estimate exceeds $250, the owner will be contacted for approval. If the tenant is responsible, they will be charged. When a property becomes vacant, we will inspect the property and determine the repairs necessary to get the property in “rent ready” condition. We will consult with the owner for disbursement of the previous tenant’s security deposit.

Fees Not Included


  • Tenant inspections

    • $100 per inspection – We typically perform a tenant inspection 3-4 months after initial occupancy and semi-annually after this. Pictures will be provided to the owner (move-out inspections are included in the management fee).
  • Advertising Vacant Properties

    • $60 per month – We place extensive advertising on the internet, including pay-per-ad sites along with Zillow and the Charlotte MLS. Our ads are also picked up on over 100 websites nationwide.