We’ll Take Care Of It..

Charlotte property management at its finest.

  • Quick Response Time

    Because our solution is web-based, we can access all of our data from any location and at any time. This allows us to provide outstanding service for our customers. Sensitive information is housed in data centers with the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions.

  • Maintenance

    We can communicate with vendors and create electronic work orders to get things fixed quickly.

  • Electronic Payments

    We use online ACH (electronic payments) to securely deposit your payment into your bank account so you receive the money even faster.

  • Professional Advertising

    With just a few clicks we can post professional vacancy ads to over 100 sites on the Internet, our website, and Zillow. The ads are designed by a professional designer and will stand out from the crowd.

  • Online Applications

    All vacancy postings include an option for the potential resident to apply online. We avoid all of the time consuming paperwork associated with traditional applications and can fill vacancies even faster.


And know, We’ve got it covered.

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